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About Waahli

Waahli is a Montreal artist born of Haitian parents. Raised in a family where music is omnipresent, he is immersed by the traditional Haitian melodies with artists such as Tabou Combo, Coupé Cloué or Manno Charlemagne. He learned to play the guitar on his own. In spite of a great influence of Haitian music, it is with Hip-Hop that he develops his own style.

In 2004, Waahli co-founded Nomadic Massive, a mythical hip hop group in Montreal. Still active, the group has just completed a new EP recorded during a tour in South America. At the same time, Waahli felt the need to develop a solo project. In 2018, he released his very first album ”Black Soap” followed in 2020 by the EP ”Soap Opera”.

Performed in English, French and Haitian Creole, these songs are a fusion of catchy rhythms at the crossroads of rap and Afro-beat and are a true tribute to Haitian culture.
On September 30, 2022, Waahli returned with “Soap Box”, a reflection of his newfound intimacy during his confinement. He signs an even more personal and committed album, paying a vibrant tribute to his Haitian roots. The 11 tracks, co-produced with Boogat & Lou Piensa from Nomadic Massive are an amalgam of instrumentals, live vocals and percussion influenced by Haitian and African sounds. The opening song “Machann” is a subtle and moving  mix of traditional Haitian songs combined with Waahli’s incisive tone.
With “Soap Box”, he collaborates with Clerel on an upbeat and danceable track in which he salutes his Afro-descendant heritage.

The song “Te revoir” created with the complicity of the singer Malika Tirolien is a heady love ode, ranked for several weeks among the 50 most listened to tracks on CBC Music. Also, Waahli is an organic soap maker!
With its ancestral rhythms and his sharp words, Waahli’s innovative hip-hop takes us to the four corners of the world.